Do You Want To Know How Michelle Went From Barely Mobile With a Prolapsed Disc To Losing 25kg and Running A Tough Mudder In The Deserts Around Dubai?
When your hormones are out of whack it can
  • Make you tired, cranky and irritable all the time
  •  Cause digestive issues that are uncomfortable and embarrassing
  •  Have your skin breaking out like you were hitting puberty
  •  Create periods and PMS symptoms that leave you absolutely dreading your monthly visitor
  •  send your weight flying out of control and leave you feeling like no diet will ever work 
Scroll Down to see everything you're going to get to fix your hormones and feel better
In This Guide You're Going To Get Everything You Need To Fix Your Hormones
  • Foundational eating principles to make your first move towards happier hormones; including core food plan, calorie intake guide, and food plate example
  • Why stress management is so important for hormonal balance and some of my top tips for building better self care and self management into your daily, weekly and monthly routine
  •  The ONE change you MUST make that can significantly impact your hormonal symptoms even if you don’t change anything else
  •  How your immune system is linked with PMS and more complex conditions such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Acne and Menopausal symptoms AND more importantly, how to rebalance it
  •  Why detoxification is crucial for hormone balance, why so many people get it so wrong and how you can do it better
  •  How to approach exercise in a way to support healthy hormones
Diet, lifestyle and supplement advice for: PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, Acne and Menopause
The exact same advice I teach to my high end coaching clients to help them conquer their symptoms and get them feeling better in just weeks.

To get this information in the past would require getting on anywhere from 1 to 5 coaching calls with myself.  Finally I've been able to get everything out into this book and just how to fix these symptoms on their your own.

I've charged up to £500 to set up these plans for past clients, now is your chance to get this information as a FREE bonus.
28 Day Gut Reset
For my high end clients who aren't quite ready to do a full detox this is exactly what I recommend.

This program will teach you my 5 R method of regaining a healthy gut.

My recommended food list to jumpstart your results.

A tracking sheet created just for this program to help make sure you get repeatable results and keep your gut healthy

In the past I've sold this program all by itself for £97 but today I'm going to include it in my Happy Hormones Guide for FREE.
For the first time ever I'm releasing this to women outside of my high end coaching program.
I plan on selling this for £67 but for a limited time I'm going to be offering it to you for only
I'm not sure how long I'll keep it at this price, it won't be long so the next time you check back it could be £67 so I would highly recommend picking up your copy today before that happens.
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